I never in a million years thought I will say yes to make appearances on TV especially when it’s about the story of our family. This documentary is about Asian women who got married with Danish men for one main reason: they fell in love.

Here in Denmark , people have a tendency to look down at you when you are Asian and married to a dane specially if your husband is way too old for you. Most people thought that you are one of those mail-order bride. So we finally agreed to be in this documentary to show that many of us actually got married for love. You can see our stories on but they are subscription channels, so you need to subcribe to watch:


Some of the articles can be found here:

Reality Portalen : Lilian om Ole fra ‘Lykken er en asiatisk kone’: Jeg føjer ikke min mand

JydskeVestkysten artikler : Vi vil gerne være med til at aflive fordommene



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Hvis du leder efter den bedste opskrift til brune kager så er du kommet til det rigtige sted 🙂


250g smør
250g sukker15776572_10154443247664635_1983151401_o
125g sirup
60g mandler
4g stødt nellikker
50g sukat
12g stødt kanel
12 g potaske
500 g mel (eller mere hvis det er stadigvæk meget flydende)


Hæld smør, sukker og sirup i en gryde. Lad det smelte og tag gryden fra varmen. Put og bland hakkede mandler og sukat i 15776306_10154443247724635_812945230_osamt krydderierne. Rør potasken ud i lidt kogende vand, inden den kommes i. Hæld melet i og ælt dejen. Den er ret fedtet.
Tril dejen til 3 pølser ca. 5cm i diameter og stil dem koldt i køleskabet et par timer. Skær rullerne ud i tynde skiver med en bred skarpt kniv og bag dem i en varm oven ved 170C til det er gyldne (5-10min).
Pas på det ikke bliver for mørke, så smager de bittert. Lad kagerne stå et øjeblik, inden det lægges på en rist. Gem dem i kagerdåser.

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125 g smør
125 g sukker
1 æg
1 tsk natron
(½ tsk ingefær)
3/4 tsk kardemomme
½ tsk kanel
1 knsp hvid peber
275 g mel
Sukker og smør piskes sammen, derefter tilsættes ægget. Krydderier + natron blandes i melet og æltes sammen med sukkerblandingen. Dejen rulles nu ud i fingertykke pølser, som skæres i småstykker og trilles runde.
Bages ved 200 grader C alm. ovn i 10-12 minutter. Se mere

15397767_10154386799949635_1240581376_o  15410008_10154386799879635_867540483_o 15491817_10154386800084635_724458688_o 15515875_10154386800239635_2125301284_o

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I have been doing mystery shopping here in Denmark for quite sometime now and it’s one way of earning extra cash on your free time. Well you can’t really make a career out of it since it doesn’t give that much compared to the amount of time you have to use for it. But if you are good in organizing your time, you can do 2-3 mystery shopping in one day, that is if you have 2 or more mystery shopping companies working for. Some companies gives more than the other and sometimes you can ask for driving money per kilometer which gives a lot better income but not all companies will give you this but don’t be afraid to ask.

If you want to be a mystery shopper, the first thing you need to do is find companies who provides this service. You can search on the internet and there are loads you can find. The ones i’m using the most is and Just sign-in and you’re good to go. You also need to provide them your bank details since this is the only way they can pay you. When you sign-in, you will have to fill and answer series of questions before you will become their shopper. They don’t accept everyone who apply so make sure you answer all the requirements honestly.

The disadvantage of being a mystery shopper, I think, is that after you’ve done one task, you have to go make a report and that will consume at least 30 min. on it and you have to answer within 24 hrs after completing the task. You need to have a camera so you can take picture of the receipt or any document that a task requires. You need to be very observant and good in describing in details. Some tasks needed to be done during weekdays and some requires exact timing of everything like in McDonalds for example. You need to time each location from parking your car to drive-in to ordering and until you get your orders with precise minute and seconds.

Next week I’ll be doing 3 tasks in one area and one of them is a restaurant and it’s just a free meal while i’m doing the other ones which give 2-300kr./visit. If you really want to get the best of your mystery shopping, the you have to be really good in organizing your time, alert and fast in taking the tasks, watch out for the tasks as they come because they are fast gone. It’s kinda first come first serve type and we are already many in this field:)

Well, I hope you got an idea how things work in mystery shopping and you are welcome to comment if you have questions regarding this job.

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Honning Aronia Saft


1 del honning
5 dele Aronia Saft

Blandes sammen og bruge denne blanding som en base for drik opskrifter.


Kød Glaze

Mousserende Aronia Drink (portionsstørrelse = 1 glas): 75ml Honning Aronia koncentrat mix, 155 kop usødede Seltzer vand, 1 skive citron

Aronia Drink (portionsstørrelse = 1 glas): 75ml. Honning Aronia Saft blanding, 155ml. vand, 1 skive citron

Aronia Punch (Serverer 28 – 1/2 kop portioner): 2 liter Ginger Ale, 1 citronsaft koncentrat, 180ml. appelsinsaft koncentrat, 180ml. Aronia saft  – 25 brix (ikke honning mix), 470g. citron eller appelsin sorbet. Kombiner alle saft/juice. Tilføj Ginger Ale. Skeen sorbet i skålen. Serveres straks.

Yderligere ideer:

Bland lidt af Aronia koncentrat i vaniljeis.

Lav Aronia smoothies – brug din fantasi. Aronia blænder godt sammen med mejeriprodukter.

Bland lidt af Aronia koncentrat i æblemos.

Kombiner med en smule af Aronia Saft med æblejuice, eller enhver frugtsaft blanding, der komplimenter tranebær godt.

God fornøjelse

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This is recipe if done properly, elderberry syrup will stay fresh without spoiling all winter long, with no need for refrigeration. This syrup is great for sore throats, coughs, colds, and flus. It can also be taken all winter long to prevent colds. It is high in vitamins A and C, flavonoids (anti-oxidants) and is anti-viral and anti-bacterial.


1 kilo Elderberries
3 dl Water
Honey (raw/local is best) (250g honey for 5dl collected elderberry juice)

Gather elder berries when they are dark purple, almost black (make sure you are gathering black elder berries and not red elder berries, which are toxic). Cut clusters of berries, leaving them intact on the stem for easy transportation. Approach and handle the elder with reverence and respect. Elder is an old European plant with a long history of lore and magical use. The first time I harvested elder, I wasn’t careful enough and I ended up with burdock burrs stuck in my hair! Six large clusters of berries will make about a cup of syrup.
Once you have your berries in the kitchen, remove them from the stem by popping them off with a fork, using it like a comb. Put your berries in a colander and rinse them thoroughly.
Next, place your washed berries in a large pot and add enough water (the cleanest you can get) to cover them by a few inches.
Bring the water and berries to a boil, mashing them as the water heats. They will break apart as they cook, but mashing them thoroughly will speed the process.
Let the berries simmer for at least an hour. You can add more water if the mixture begins to thicken to avoid burning your batch. Stir often.
After an hour or two, let the berry mixture boil down to a little less than the original volume.
Let cool slightly and then strain with a sieve or cheesecloth. Press out as much of the juice as possible.
Whatever volume of liquid you end up with, stir in an equal amount of honey while the berry concentrate is still warm.
Kept refrigerated, this syrup alone will last for a couple of months. I usually add alcohol to further preserve the syrup. 1/4 cup of grain alcohol or 1/2 cup of 100-proof vodka for every 2 cups of syrup is sufficient.
Store in a sterilized glass bottle in the refrigerator or a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Enjoy this magical and medicinal syrup all winter!

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