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Så er min mand hjemme igen efter en dejlig dag på national museum sammen med vores søn Barndon – det var en oplevelse! De fik og købt en bog og fik foræreret nogle også og fantastisk at (gen)se vores dronning sagde han. Der var omkring 300 som var med i arrangement bl.a. Marie Aagaard Larsen fra Gram som har fundet Danmarkshistoriens største guldfund fra vikingetiden. Syv armringe fra 900-tallet, heraf de seks i massivt guld. 900 gram guld i alt. Her kan du se officielle video’er…

Danefædag 2017 1.del

Danefædag 2017 2. del

Her er nogle billeder fra National Museum

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I have been doing mystery shopping here in Denmark for quite sometime now and it’s one way of earning extra cash on your free time. Well you can’t really make a career out of it since it doesn’t give that much compared to the amount of time you have to use for it. But if you are good in organizing your time, you can do 2-3 mystery shopping in one day, that is if you have 2 or more mystery shopping companies working for. Some companies gives more than the other and sometimes you can ask for driving money per kilometer which gives a lot better income but not all companies will give you this but don’t be afraid to ask.

If you want to be a mystery shopper, the first thing you need to do is find companies who provides this service. You can search on the internet and there are loads you can find. The ones i’m using the most is and Just sign-in and you’re good to go. You also need to provide them your bank details since this is the only way they can pay you. When you sign-in, you will have to fill and answer series of questions before you will become their shopper. They don’t accept everyone who apply so make sure you answer all the requirements honestly.

The disadvantage of being a mystery shopper, I think, is that after you’ve done one task, you have to go make a report and that will consume at least 30 min. on it and you have to answer within 24 hrs after completing the task. You need to have a camera so you can take picture of the receipt or any document that a task requires. You need to be very observant and good in describing in details. Some tasks needed to be done during weekdays and some requires exact timing of everything like in McDonalds for example. You need to time each location from parking your car to drive-in to ordering and until you get your orders with precise minute and seconds.

Next week I’ll be doing 3 tasks in one area and one of them is a restaurant and it’s just a free meal while i’m doing the other ones which give 2-300kr./visit. If you really want to get the best of your mystery shopping, the you have to be really good in organizing your time, alert and fast in taking the tasks, watch out for the tasks as they come because they are fast gone. It’s kinda first come first serve type and we are already many in this field:)

Well, I hope you got an idea how things work in mystery shopping and you are welcome to comment if you have questions regarding this job.

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We attended the Robot workshop in our town’s library which we’re lucky enough to be living so close to.  The kids enjoy it so much and used their imaginations to make their own version of robot. There are different recycled materials like computer and parts, printers, and of course different tools, papers and colors.

IMG_5047 IMG_5035 IMG_5036 IMG_5037  IMG_5039 IMG_5040 IMG_5041

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